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  • Dysport vs. Botox vs. Xeomin: Which One to Use and When

    Table of Contents Dysport, Botox, Xeomin: Side-by-Side Comparison Side Effects of Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin Units Required: Dysport, Xeomin Botox How many units of Dysport are needed? How many units of Xeomin are needed? How many units of Botox are needed? How Long Do Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox Last? How much is Dysport per unit? How much is Xeomin per unit? How much is Botox per unit? Which is better: Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport? As injectables continue to grow in popularity and effectiveness, it seems as though there are more options to choose from today than ever before. At one time, Botox was the primary and most effective injectable facial treatment. In recent years, that has changed. Today, Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport top the list of popular treatments. Each is effective and provides excellent treatment results. So, which one should you use to meet your goals? Dysport, Botox, Xeomin: Side-by-Side Comparison All three are injectable options made from the botulinum toxin used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. All are quick, non-invasive treatments that produce excellent results when treatments are done by a qualified professional. Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin are neuromodulators. A neuromodulator is a type of protein that blocks communication between nerve cells and the muscle they control. Because Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox are derived from the botulinum toxin (a neuromodulator protein), they all work by blocking communication to the muscles in the treated area. This allows the muscle to relax and improves the appearance of the skin. The primary difference between the three treatments is how long it takes for the results to take effect and how many "units" of injectable are needed to achieve desired results. For most people, Dysport requires more units than Botox or Xeomin, but results appear faster and cost less per unit overall. Conversely, results are slower to appear with Botox and Xeomin, but the total cost of treatments for Botox and Xeomin is less because fewer units are necessary. The effects of all three treatments last for the same amount of time, so maintenance treatments follow the same general schedule regardless of the type of injectable. Side Effects of Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin All three products are FDA-approved and considered safe in most cases. Because all three have the same active ingredient, the side effects are the same across the board. The side effects of Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin include headache, dry eyes, blurry vision, injection site pain, irritation, and bruising. Some people may experience effects unique to the person and the use of an injectable in general. Units Required: Dysport, Xeomin Botox As mentioned above, the units required for each injectable varies based on the product and the size of the treatment area; however, there are a few basic guidelines for each product. How many units of Dysport are needed? Approximately 60 units are needed for frown lines (the "eleven" lines between your eyebrows). The horizontal lines on the forehead typically require 30-60 units, and "crow's feet" (the line and wrinkles around the eyes need 30-50 units (per eye) of Dysport. How many units of Xeomin are needed? Overall, Xeomin requires fewer units to treat lines and wrinkles on the face. Crow's feet need between 5 and 20 units, frown lines need between 15 and 30 units, and horizontal forehead lines need between 20 and 40 units. How many units of Botox are needed? The number of Botox units needed closely follows that of Xeomin. For horizontal forehead lines, between 10 and 15 units are required. Crow's feet require 10-15 units per eye, and frown lines require between 20 and 30 units. How Long Do Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox Last? The onset of results for Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport differ. Most people see the initial effects of Dysport treatments within 24 hours. Botox can take closer to 72 hours, and Xeomin up to four days to see the initial results of your treatment. The full results from all three can take up to two weeks. All three options last for three to six months before maintenance injections are needed to maintain treatment effects. The exact duration will vary from person to person, the size of the treatment area, and how much was injected into the treatment area. Cost of Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox The cost of injectable treatments varies depending on several factors, including your provider, the size of the treatment area, and the number of units needed to achieve desired results. However, as with the number of required units, there are general guidelines for the cost per unit of each treatment. How much is Dysport per unit? Dysport injections typically cost between $4 and $6 per unit. It is important to remember that while less expensive per unit, more units of Dysport are required to achieve desired results. So, in the end, Dysport may cost more depending on your treatment needs. How much is Xeomin per unit? Xeomin injections generally cost between $10 and $15 per unit. How much is Botox per unit? The cost of Botox injections is usually comparable to that of Xeomin injections at $10 to $15 per unit. Which is better: Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport? Although Botox continues to be a well-known and popular injectable treatment, all three options offer the same benefits and produce excellent results. In the end, the question of "which is better" often comes down to personal choice. When choosing between the three treatments, it is important to talk to a member of our team at Clique Salon and Med Spa about the pros and cons of each treatment option. We can help you learn more about which filler will help you achieve your specific goals. To learn more about all three treatment options, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

  • How are Stretch Marks Removed? Process, Pain & Costs

    Table of Contents What are stretch marks? How are stretch marks removed? Can a laser remove stretch marks? Does stretch mark removal hurt? How much does stretch mark removal cost? Is micro-needling for stretch mark removal worth it? Is laser stretch mark removal worth it? Where to get stretch marks removed? Although an everyday occurrence for millions of women (and men), stretch marks are something most people wish they could get rid of. The good news is there are treatments available at your local skin spa to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks! What are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are scarring that occurs on the body after your expands and contracts (stretches and shrinks) quickly. Because the change happens faster than it might with traditional weight or muscle gain, the collagen and elastin responsible for supporting the skin ruptures and tears. As these tears begin to heal, stretch marks appear. Stretch marks are pretty common in women post-pregnancy due to how the skin around the abdomen changes to accommodate pregnancy weight. How are Stretch Marks removed? Stretch marks are scars meaning they are permanent; however, several treatment options exist to make them less noticeable. In addition to topical treatments, exfoliation, and microdermabrasion, treatments like laser therapy and microneedling can reduce the visibility of both old and new stretch marks. Microneedling procedures target the dermis, which is the middle layer of your skin. The dermis is where stretch marks form. During a microneedling procedure, tiny needles are used to lightly damage the skin, triggering collagen production. The increase in collagen and elastin helps promote skin regeneration and healing, thereby reducing the visibility of stretch marks. Effectively treating stretch marks with microneedling will require multiple sessions spaced out over several months. Can a laser remove stretch marks? Laser therapy is another option for stretch mark removal. Laser treatments use a laser to penetrate the skin, promoting regeneration and stimulating the skin surrounding your stretch marks to heal faster as well. Although laser therapy is an effective option, microneedling with SkinPen is a better option for many seeking to remove or reduce the visibility of their stretch marks. Does Stretch Mark Removal Hurt? Removing stretch marks through microneedling involves minimally invasive techniques. The tool used during treatment penetrates only the outermost layer of skin, significantly minimizing the risk of potential discomfort. Most people who have microneedling performed, whether for stretch mark removal or other reasons, report little to no discomfort during the procedure. Most of our clients at Clique Salon and Med Spa say the most common sensation is a "warm" feeling. Additionally, the use of topical anesthetics to numb the treatment area further reduces any potential discomfort. Microneedling or collagen induction therapy treatments are designed to offer the most significant benefit with the least amount of interruption to your day-to-day routine. You can resume your regular routine immediately after your procedure. You may notice mild redness or skin irritation for a few days after your procedure but should not experience notable discomfort while your skin heals. How Much Does Stretch Mark Removal Cost? The overall cost of stretch mark removal varies from person to person, and unique factors related to their treatment needs. The first factor is the type of stretch mark removal procedure. There are different costs associated with microneedling and laser therapy treatments. Also, the number of sessions needed to achieve your stretch mark removal goals will vary based on the type of procedure and the "age" or color of your stretch marks. It is not uncommon for older, white, or silver-colored stretch marks to require additional treatment sessions to address. Another consideration is the size of the area being treated. As with the type of stretch mark and the type of procedure, the cost associated with each treatment session will vary based on the size of your treatment area. In general, stretch mark removal ranges from around $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on your unique treatment goals. To learn more about the specific costs associated with treatment, it is best to schedule a consultation with one of our microneedling professionals at Clique Salon and Med Spa. They can talk with you about your specific goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Is microneedling for stretch mark removal worth it? Yes! Microneedling for stretch marks is worth it! This highly effective, minimally invasive procedure also works great for acne scar removal! Is laser stretch mark removal worth it? Yes, however, for best results, microneedling should be prioritized due to improved outcomes with microneedling treatments. Where to Get Stretch Marks Removed? The best place to get stretch marks removed is at a local medical spa. The skilled, professional team at your local medical spa can help you learn more about the benefits of microneedling or laser therapy for stretch marks and other scars. While a normal part of body growth or change for many, visible scars like stretch marks can be frustrating and unsightly, especially as the summer months approach and bathing suit season arrives. Let us help you reduce visible stretch mark scarring. Contact us today to learn more about Microneedling and our other services at Clique Salon and Med Spa in Lakeland, FL.

  • What Is truBody? Treatment Overview, Results, and Timeline

    Table of Contents What is truBody? How does truBody Work? How much does truBody Cost? How does truBody Compare? truBody vs CoolSculpt and CoolTone truBody vs EmSculpt NEO There are several non-invasive body sculpting treatments on the market today. Each helps with muscle definition and fat reduction in its own way. One of the newest treatments is truBody by Cutera. What is truBody? In addition to facial care treatments, Clique Med Spa offers several treatments for the body as well. truBody by Cutera is a new treatment to the market. It is a customizable treatment that uses a combination of body sculpting devices to help you achieve extraordinary results! Choosing truBody offers a personalized treatment experience with long-lasting muscle-building and fat-reducing effects. One of the best parts of truBody is that treatments are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Your technician can target specific "trouble areas" on your body using a specially designed tool. Treatments are non-invasive, painless, and, unlike traditional liposuction, require no recovery or downtime. How Does truBody Work? Many body sculpting treatments utilize one non-invasive therapy to reduce the presence of unwanted fat and cellulite. On their own, body sculpting treatments like truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex+ are highly effective. truBody combines the best of both treatments into one highly effective treatment. truBody treatments last for 15-45 minutes and can reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite in many areas of the body, including the obliques ("love handles"), buttocks, abdomen, and thigh. Almost anyone is a good candidate for truBody treatments, allowing anyone interested in body sculpting to benefit from truBody treatments. How Much Does truBody Cost? The final cost of truBody treatments will vary from person to person. Another benefit to truBody is that most patients notice a significant improvement in as few as four treatments. However, like many body sculpting procedures, the total number of treatments you need to achieve your appearance goals may differ. A technician at Clique Med Spa can work with you to discuss your appearance goals and how truBody can help. At Clique Med Spa, we offer combo pricing on truBody treatments resulting in a 30% discount on the two individual treatments (compared to truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex+ treatments individually). How Does truBody Compare? Clique Med Spa offers several body sculpting options, including truBody. So, which treatment is best for you, and how does truBody compare to the rest? truBody vs CoolSculpt and CoolTone Coolsculpt treatments, while effective, take far longer than truBody treatments. As noted above, truBody requires between 15 and 45 minutes from start to finish. The average treatment time for CoolSculpting treatments is 105 minutes. Also, because truBody incorporates truSculpt technology, you can treat multiple areas during a single session with no downtime. With CoolSculpting, this is not possible. truBody treatments are suitable for those with a BMI over 30, which is not the case for CoolSculpting. Finally, truBody is safer and costs less than CoolSculpting. Because truBody requires fewer treatments and a reduced cost, the overall cost associated with achieving your appearance goals through truBody is less. Although CoolSculpting is non-invasive and considered safe for most, the process is not without potential side effects, including redness, numbing, and tingling in the treatment area. The technology used with truBody treatments differs from CoolSculpting and does not lead to the same potential side effects. truBody vs EmSculpt NEO While EmSculpt NEO treatments are "quicker" than CoolSculpting, a complete treatment session still takes longer than some truBody treatments. Because truBody uses truSculpt Flex treatments as part of a combination treatment, you also experience the benefits of truSculpt Flex. This means truBody treatments produce a greater number of muscle contractions with more potential treatment modes than EmSculpt NEO. The technology used by truBody allows your muscles to absorb 100% of the energy produced by the treatment tool (as opposed to 30-40% with EmSculpt NEO). truBody treatments can address up to four treatment areas in a single session, while EmSculpt can address one. For some, Coolsculpting or EmSculpt may be better suited to address their needs and goals. However, with truBody, you can get the best parts of two amazing body sculpting treatments in one treatment session. In as few as four sessions, you can see significant improvement in muscle tone while enjoying noticeable cellulite and visible fat reduction. While there are several body sculpting options available at Clique Med Spa, the truBody technology is faster, more effective, cheaper, and safer than most of the alternatives. To learn more about truBody and the other body sculpting treatments offered at Clique Med Spa, contact our medical spa today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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  • Medical Spa | Clique Med Spa | Lakeland, FL

    Want Your truBody? Our medical spa offers premium services in: BODY SCULPTING & FACIAL REJUVENATION BOOK A SESSION NOW 863-225-2519 Medical Spa Services Our Medical Spa in Lakeland, FL offers a wide range of premium medispa services such as Hydrafacials , Body Sculpting , Botox , Juvederm , Xeomin , Microneedling & Chemical Peels . Facials Body Sculpting Muscle Sculpting Muscle Sculpting Chemical Peels Micro Needling Micro Needling Injectables LED Light Therapy QWO Cellulite Removal SkinPen Keravive Hair Restoration Hair Salon About Our Med Spa Our top of-the-line medispa is unmatched in the city of Lakeland, Florida. Our Medical Spa is women-led and owned by medical veterans with the know-how to maximize the effectiveness of all our treatments. Learn more about our medical practice. Our Med Spa Devices Our Medical Spa offers a selection of premium body sculpting, Injectables, and facial rejuvenation services through our high end devices. truSculpt ID Fat Reduction truSculpt Flex Muscle Strengthening Hydrafacials SkinPen Styku 3D Body Scanner Celluma Pro The Clique Blog The Clique blog is where you'll find the latest skin care tips and med spa treatment advice. The Clique Family Our neighbor at Clique Med Spa is Clique Salon . When you're done with your facial, why not stop in next door for a haircut or blowout. What Is truBody? Treatment Overview, Results, and Timeline CoolSculpting vs. truSculpt® iD: Which One Is Better & Why? The Ultimate Guide to Facials: Top 10 Types EMSculpt NEO vs. CoolTone vs. truSculpt fleX Muscle Toning The 5 Types of Body Shaping Treatments 3D Body Scanning: What It Can Reveal About Your Body A Simple Guide to The Types of Acne Scars Services We offer a wide range of premium services such as Facials, Body Sculpting, Muscle Sculpting, Micro Needling & Chemical Peels. Facials Body Sculpting Muscle Sculpting Chemical Peels Micro Needling Injectables Ask us anything or book a free Med Spa Consultation You can reach us our medical spa via TEXT CALL BOOK ONLINE Book a consultation online or by phone You can reach us via BOOK ONLINE TEXT CALL

  • Body Sculpting | 1 Session, 24% Fat Reduction | Clique Med Spa

    We offer premium services in BODY SCULPTING BOOK NOW What is Body Sculpting? Clique Med Spa is proud to offer truSculpt® iD Body Contouring: a revolutionary, non-surgical, body sculpting and fat reduction treatment designed to help you achieve your ideal body. Is Body Sculpting Permanent? Body Sculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure used to contour and smooth the lines of your body. Because these fat cells, called subcutaneous fat, are killed during the treatment process, the results of truSculpt iD treatments are considered permanent. truSculpt iD is an excellent way to get rid of stubborn fat cells in many locations on the body. Although results may be visible immediately following treatment, you will notice further improvements in the few weeks following your procedure as the dead fat cells are eliminated through natural processes in your body. BOOK NOW How Long Do Body Sculpting Results Last? The initial results of body sculpting treatments are often visible immediately. However, like other body sculpting and muscle-sculpting procedures, the benefits of Body Sculpting treatments continue to improve with time. Many patients notice a visible and notable fat reduction within three to four weeks of treatment. The most dramatic results may take up to 10 weeks to appear. At that time, approximately 90% of the targeted and destroyed fat cells have been eliminated from the body. For some patients, results will continue to improve for up to six months following treatments. You can safely repeat Body Sculpting procedures in the same treatment area approximately every three weeks. It is also important to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to allow for continued improvement and maintenance of your Body Sculpting results. ​ How much does Body Sculpting cost? At Clique Med Spa we’ve simplified the pricing structure for you. A Body Sculpting treatment is $1999 per area, with every additional area over 50% off. Furthermore, If you purchase multiple sessions at once you will pay $999 for each following session. There are also regular discounts and interest-free financing to help you achieve your body goals. Who is Body Sculpting recommended for? Body sculpting is an excellent option for many people seeking fat reduction. If you have attained your desired weight after natural weight loss due to diet and exercise but still struggle with frustrating pockets of fat, Body Sculpting can help. Body sculpting can help eliminate the stubborn fat that won’t go away through any other means. It is essential to have achieved your goal weight before body sculpting as these procedures are not recommended for those with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. Others who can benefit from body sculpting include those who have reached an age where their metabolism slows due to natural aging. Many people will achieve their desired results in one session as body sculpting can remove up to 25% of unwanted fat per session. However, Clique Med Spa offers reduced rates for additional sessions should you require them to achieve your goals. ​ Body Sculpting - Before & After Pictures Body Sculpting fat reduction results are 100% permanent. By specifically targeting fat cells, with no harm to the surrounding organs or skin, body sculpting allows for fat cells to be eliminated. ​ Now of-course, if after the treatment, you start binge eating trans fat fast foods and drinking more soda, the fat cells that were eliminated will likely be replaced by the new fat cells. However if you follow a healthy diet and workout regiment the results will be permanent. All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received our fat reduction and body sculpting treatment from truSculpt iD. Body Sculpting Treatment Video We have a long list of testimonials from patients who have used our body sculpting and fat reduction treatments to achieve a slimmer and more sculpted figure. After working with our skilled team of medical professionals , they’ve been able to enjoy the long-term results of body sculpting. These patients are actual people with real stories, and you can hear them share their body sculpting experience below. Body Sculpting Benefits One of the main reasons non-surgical fat reduction and body sculpting continues to increase in popularity is because of the amazing benefits that it offers. It’s one of the most advanced treatments available and can allow you to sculpt and tone your body without being left with large, dramatic and not very aesthetically pleasing scars. ​ Both men and women utilize this service to remove sagging skin and target specific areas they where they want to achieve a firmer, slimmer and leaner result. Non-invasive Body Sculpting adds more definition to specific areas of the body, whether you want to tone your arms or slim your waist. ​ You can trim extra and unwanted fat without going under the knife. You can permanently eliminate many of the fat cells in the body without requiring surgery or any downtime. It delivers noticeable results to ensure you feel more confident at any age. You can work closely with our team that listens to your concerns and offers their recommendations in order to ensure that you’re satisfied with the result. ​ There are also more areas that body sculpting can treat, making it a great option for all types of shapes and figures. It works well for destroying fat cells on the thighs, arms, stomach, under the neck, male chest, back bulge and bra area as well as love handles and under the buttocks. As an FDA-cleared treatment, it delivers results and is more convenient than other non invasive surgeries that are currently offered on the market. Fast Only one 15-minute session is required to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Easy No prep, diet,exercise or post-treatment therapy required. Safe It’s 100% safe and there are no side effects or pain - but with all the gain. Proven It’s 100% safe and there are no side effects or pain - but with all the gain. No Downtime Unlike cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery, there is no downtime Body Sculpting Devices Comparison Table truSculpt® iD comes out on top in almost all categories. Body Sculpting Treatment Options 40cm Hand-Held For stationary use with up to six 40 cm² hands-free handpieces placed simultaneously over the abdomen and flanks. Handpieces cover up to a 300 cm² treatment area in 15 minutes. Areas: Bra Fat, Inner Thighs 40cm Hands-Free For use in a gliding motion over small or large target areas. The handpiece covers up to a 144 cm² treatment area in 15 minutes. ​ Areas: Abdomen, Obliques 16cm Hand-Held For use with a stationary placement over soft tissue in areas that are smaller than the templates or anatomically difficult areas. Handpiece covers a 16 cm² petite treatment area in 5 minutes. ​ Areas: Chin Ask us anything or book a free Med Spa Consultation You can reach us our medical spa via TEXT CALL BOOK ONLINE Book a consultation online or by phone You can reach us via BOOK ONLINE TEXT CALL Clique Testimonials Axel L Via Google Reviews Amazing treatment, that was unbelievably fast. Would definitely recommend to those who have stubborn pockets of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise. Kathy Jones Via Google Reviews One of a kind treatment. I've tried many forms of lipolysis and the iD was by far the most effective I've tried. READ MORE PATIENT TESTIMONIALS Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction Blog What Is truBody? Treatment Overview, Results, and Timeline Kybella Injections for Double Chin Removal How to Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy CoolSculpting vs. truSculpt® iD: Which One Is Better & Why? EMSculpt NEO vs. CoolTone vs. truSculpt fleX Muscle Toning The 5 Types of Body Shaping Treatments 3D Body Scanning: What It Can Reveal About Your Body EMSculpt vs. truSculpt fleX: Which Is The Best Muscle Toning Treatment? The Downsides & Risks of CoolSculpting

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