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A picture of Clique Med Spa’s body sculpting and muscle sculpting medical aesthetics treatment room
A cityscape image of the city of Lakeland, Florida taken in-front of a lake with a backdrop of the city at dusk

Our medical spa offers premium services in:


About Our Med Spa

Our top of-the-line medispa is unmatched in the city of
Lakeland, Florida.

Our Medical Spa is women-led and owned by medical veterans with the know-how to maximize the effectiveness of all our treatments.


Learn more about our medical practice.

Our Med Spa Devices

Our Medical Spa offers a selection of premium body sculpting, Injectables, and
facial rejuvenation services through our high end devices.

A close up of the truSculpt iD 30cm handpick used for treating large body areas
The truSculpt fleX device showing the control panel and the 16 hand pieces used by a medical practioner to sculpt a patients muscle
A front view of The Hydrafacial Company’s facial device showing the control panel and the different hand pieces and serums that are used during the popular medical spa treatment
A close up of the SkinPen Micro-Needling hand pieces used to create micro punctures in a patients face to promote collagen and elastin production
The logo for the Styku 3D Scanning device that can show patients advanced body composition data
A picture of the Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy device

The Clique Blog

The Clique blog is where you'll find the latest skin care tips and med spa treatment advice. 

The Clique Family

Our neighbor at Clique Med Spa is
Clique Salon.

When you're done with your facial, why not stop in next door for a haircut or blowout.

The front desk of Clique Med Spa at the Lakeland, Florida location with a big Clique logo behind the desk


We offer a wide range of premium services such as Facials, Body Sculpting, Muscle Sculpting, Micro Needling & Chemical Peels.

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Are You Ready for Your Safe & Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

If you are ready to experience the most effective hair removal treatment, visit Clique Med Spa for an initial consultation today. DiolazeXL provides patients of all skin types with safe and fast treatment. Enjoy painless hair removal in fewer treatment sessions. Save time and money on shaving and waxing with a permanent solution.

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Medical Spa Services

Our Medical Spa in Lakeland, FL offers a wide range of premium medspa services such as

Morpheus8 Radio Frequency MicroneedlingHydrafacials, Body Contouring,

 Body SculptingBotoxJuvedermXeominMicroneedling & Chemical Peels.

A picture of a sculpted woman’s torso with her hand under her belly button
A couple with a fit and sculpted body that shows their muscle tone and muscle thickness
A woman at a medispa getting a chemical peel applied to her face
A woman getting a SkinPen Microneedling procedure to her cheeks at a med spa
A close up of a womans lower face getting lip filler injectables applied to her lips
A picture of the Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy device
A woman squeezing one side of her lower buttocks together too amplify the appearance of her cellulite dimples
A woman getting a SkinPen Microneedling procedure to her cheeks at a med spa
A mans profile showing a healthy hair and a restored hair line
The inside of the Clique Salon showing the hair stylist and hairdresser chairs and the hair appliances in the background
A closeup of a woman’s forehead getting a facial procedure at a medical spa