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We offer premium injectable treatments



How Long Does Xeomin Take to Work?

Results of a Xeomin procedure are sometimes noticeable immediately after completion of your procedure or after any minor swelling has reduced.


However, most people see an improvement that continues to appear over the course of one to two weeks, with full results within five to 10 days.


When compared to other injectable treatments such as different types of dermal injections or high-tech anti-aging procedures, patients report Xeomin works quicker.


Many other similar treatments take two weeks or more for full results to appear. It is important to remember that the speed at which you see results from your treatment will depend on a few factors unique to you, such as your age, the severity of the condition you wish to address, and others.


How Long Do Xeomin Injections Last?

Xeomin treatment sessions are quick and non-invasive. For most, a Xeomin treatment session requires between 15 to 30 minutes.


The duration of Xeomin effects is typically between three and six months, although the average time some patients report is closer to two to four months, slightly less than similar treatments such as Botox.


Depending on your skincare needs and ongoing appearance goals, you will want to schedule a second appointment for touch-ups. Individual factors such as lifestyle and your skin health also contribute to the overall longevity of Xeomin injections. For this reason, some patients may require more frequent injections than others.

Is Xeomin Less Costly Than Botox?

Compared to Botox, which has been on the market since 1989, Xeomin is relatively new to the skincare industry and, therefore, more price competitive.


Xeomin received Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States in 2011 but has been in use in Europe since 2008. Xeomin has no additives, which may reduce the chances of developing antibodies or a reaction to the product. Although Botox and Xeomin are very similar in their benefits, you will find Xeomin is priced better than Botox.


At Clique Med Spa, 30 units of Botox $ costs $12 per unit, and an equal number of units of Xeomin costs $11/unit. Therefore, a treatment that would cost $360 with Botox is only $330 with Xeomin. We offer discounts for multiple syringes.


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Our XEomin injectable treatments offer amazing and long lasting results for all skin concerns.

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