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We offer premium cellulite removal using



What are QWO Cellulite Treatments?

QWO injections are the first injectable treatments for cellulite. Although their administration method is different from traditional treatments, their mechanism of action (how they work) is similar.


While other treatments use RadioFrequency (RF),  heat, lasers, or a cannula (tube) to separate the septae (bands) from the skin, QWO injections accomplish this chemically. 

Does QWO Really Work For Cellulite?

QWO treatments are still relatively new.


However, they were highly effective during clinical trials, and if they continue to be effective outside of the trial setting, they will offer the least invasive cellulite reduction method yet.


Some patients who participated in clinical trials for QWO showed improvement lasting months, if not years, after completing their series of three treatments.


How Much Does QWO Cost?

The cost of QWO treatments will vary depending on the number of sessions you have, the number of areas you treat, and where you live.


In general, you can expect to require a minimum of three sessions spaced three weeks apart. Each session will cost approiximatly $600-$1000.

At Clique Med Spa our list price for a package of 3 QWO sessions is $1800. However we offer regular discounts as well as interest-free financing to help cover the costs of your makeover.

Our Facial

QWO Injections - 
Before & After Pictures

Our FDA-Approved QWO injectable treatments offer amazing and long lasting results for moderate to severe cellulite.

All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received a set of QWO cellulite removal injections.

QWO Cellulite Removal
Treatment Video

Learn about the incredible injectable Cellulite Treatment available at Clique Med Spa.

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