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The 5 Types of Body Shaping Treatments

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Sometimes, regardless of how much effort we put into our workout routines, we don't get the ideal results.

The truth is, the more we age, the slower our metabolism gets. But that doesn't mean that we should just let it go and move on with our lives without obtaining the body we desire.

Some people may think that procedures are always risky, as they're ''invasive,'' but that's not always the case. Not if you consider body shaping.

Body shaping, also known as body contouring and body sculpting, is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure. It's effective in removing undesired pockets of fat, aiming to shape and contour different parts of the body.

Unlike more invasive procedures, you can go back to your daily activities right after the treatment. It doesn't get any more convenient.

If you're interested in finding a suitable treatment, you're in the right place. Continue to read to find out more.

1. Radiofrequency Lipolysis

This FDA-approved procedure uses controlled heating and ultrasound technology to shape the body. Fortunately, ultrasound tends to be gentle to the skin, including when treating pockets of fat. If you're seeking to avoid discomfort, this might be ideal for you.

It targets the abs and flanks. A session usually takes an hour, so for an effective result, multiple treatments are required.

Unquestionably, truSculpt iD is the best in class. It treats the fat layer just under the skin, leading to an average of 24% fat reduction.

While the results might be impressive, that's not all. It offers the possibility to treat the whole abdomen and flanks simultaneously. It's truly an effective and practical procedure.

2. Laser Lipolysis

The FDA first approved SculpSure in 2015. Since then, this top-notch procedure became popular due to its non-invasive method.

This type of lipolysis uses laser energy to heat and destroy fat cells. You won't see the results right away, as any body's lymphatic system takes about 12 weeks (after the treatment) to get rid of the dead fat cells.

Fortunately, it works both for men and women and in different body types. A single procedure takes approximately 25 minutes and can target various areas (like abdomens and flanks) at once.

For best results, it's best to go through several treatment sessions.

3. CryoLipolysis

CoolSculpting, made by Allergan, might be the most popular treatment on the body shaping market. But it's nothing new: this FDA-cleared body contouring technology started 10 years ago, and it was the first nonsurgical treatment to be released.

According to studies, the procedure is effective for fat reduction. After six months of treatment, there will be an elimination of up to 25% of fat.

This non-invasive treatment freezes fat cells in specific areas, which leads them to ''die'' before being excreted.

It works by putting a roll of fat within a pair of panels. Then, the temperature drops until the fat is damaged for good and secreted.

For best results, it's best to stick to the CoolSculpting Elite technology, as it covers larger treatment areas in less time than any other nonsurgical fat reduction device.

4. Injectable Lipolysis

This cosmetic procedure uses a nonsurgical injection to apply a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid to destroy fat cells beneath the chin. Weeks after the treatment, the body increasingly metabolizes the dead cells.

Usually, treatment takes about 30 minutes, but multiple sessions are better for a significant outcome.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is 18 or older, with moderate to severe fat underneath the chin. You might not be a suitable candidate if you are pregnant or nursing, have trouble swallowing, or have an infection near the planned injection site.

Kybella Injections, approved by the FDA in 2015, is undoubtedly the best one of its kind available on the market. It's worth considering this cosmetic treatment if you dislike your ''double chin.''

5. Ultrasound Lipolysis

UltraShape and BTL Vanquish ME are nonsurgical procedures that use ultrasound tech to shape the body.

UltraShape offers outstanding ultrasound technology. So, if you're seeking to target fat cells in the abdomen and on the flanks, this might be the appropriate treatment for you.

Here's how it works: the ultrasound waves target the adipose tissue, leading them to accumulate. At a certain point, it produces the ''cavitation effect,'' resulting in the mechanical breaking of the cellular membranes and the release of the intercellular fluid of the stored triglycerides.

In summary, this procedure focuses on disrupting cell function to cause irreversible fat cell damage in the body's fat deposits. Finally, it naturally results in the excretion of destroyed fat cells from the body (e.g., eliminated through the bladder).

The procedure takes up to one hour. You'll see gel applied to the targeted area and you'll wear a special belt around your abdomen. Then, your doctor will put a transducer over the treatment area.

It helps deliver targeted, pulsed ultrasound energy, even below the skin's surface. Soon after, you'll be ready to return to your usual routine.

Body Shaping: What to Consider

Lipolysis (laser, radiofrequency, cryo, ultrasound, injection) is an incredibly effective body shaping treatment. It's perfect for when you realize that you're not obtaining the desired figure results despite trying through exercise and diet.

Sometimes, you need an extra push, and nonsurgical fat reduction procedures are a safe and effective option. Yet, if you're seeking to maintain results, you'll also have to adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise. Surely, this will help you to maximize results.

If you're interested in these procedures, check out the rest of our website. There are options for you.

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