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What Is truBody? Treatment Overview, Results, and Timeline


Table of Contents

  1. What is truBody?

  2. How does truBody Work?

  3. How much does truBody Cost?

  4. How does truBody Compare?

  5. truBody vs CoolSculpt and CoolTone

  6. truBody vs EmSculpt NEO


There are several non-invasive body sculpting treatments on the market today. Each helps with muscle definition and fat reduction in its own way. One of the newest treatments is truBody by Cutera.

What is truBody?

In addition to facial care treatments, Clique Med Spa offers several treatments for the body as well. truBody by Cutera is a new treatment to the market. It is a customizable treatment that uses a combination of body sculpting devices to help you achieve extraordinary results! Choosing truBody offers a personalized treatment experience with long-lasting muscle-building and fat-reducing effects.

One of the best parts of truBody is that treatments are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Your technician can target specific "trouble areas" on your body using a specially designed tool. Treatments are non-invasive, painless, and, unlike traditional liposuction, require no recovery or downtime.

How Does truBody Work?

Many body sculpting treatments utilize one non-invasive therapy to reduce the presence of unwanted fat and cellulite. On their own, body sculpting treatments like truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex+ are highly effective. truBody combines the best of both treatments into one highly effective treatment.

truBody treatments last for 15-45 minutes and can reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite in many areas of the body, including the obliques ("love handles"), buttocks, abdomen, and thigh. Almost anyone is a good candidate for truBody treatments, allowing anyone interested in body sculpting to benefit from truBody treatments.

How Much Does truBody Cost?

The final cost of truBody treatments will vary from person to person. Another benefit to truBody is that most patients notice a significant improvement in as few as four treatments. However, like many body sculpting procedures, the total number of treatments you need to achieve your appearance goals may differ. A technician at Clique Med Spa can work with you to discuss your appearance goals and how truBody can help. At Clique Med Spa, we offer combo pricing on truBody treatments resulting in a 30% discount on the two individual treatments (compared to truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex+ treatments individually).

How Does truBody Compare?

Clique Med Spa offers several body sculpting options, including truBody. So, which treatment is best for you, and how does truBody compare to the rest?

truBody vs CoolSculpt and CoolTone

Coolsculpt treatments, while effective, take far longer than truBody treatments. As noted above, truBody requires between 15 and 45 minutes from start to finish. The average treatment time for CoolSculpting treatments is 105 minutes. Also, because truBody incorporates truSculpt technology, you can treat multiple areas during a single session with no downtime. With CoolSculpting, this is not possible. truBody treatments are suitable for those with a BMI over 30, which is not the case for CoolSculpting.

Finally, truBody is safer and costs less than CoolSculpting. Because truBody requires fewer treatments and a reduced cost, the overall cost associated with achieving your appearance goals through truBody is less. Although CoolSculpting is non-invasive and considered safe for most, the process is not without potential side effects, including redness, numbing, and tingling in the treatment area. The technology used with truBody treatments differs from CoolSculpting and does not lead to the same potential side effects.

truBody vs EmSculpt NEO

While EmSculpt NEO treatments are "quicker" than CoolSculpting, a complete treatment session still takes longer than some truBody treatments. Because truBody uses truSculpt Flex treatments as part of a combination treatment, you also experience the benefits of truSculpt Flex. This means truBody treatments produce a greater number of muscle contractions with more potential treatment modes than EmSculpt NEO. The technology used by truBody allows your muscles to absorb 100% of the energy produced by the treatment tool (as opposed to 30-40% with EmSculpt NEO). truBody treatments can address up to four treatment areas in a single session, while EmSculpt can address one.

For some, Coolsculpting or EmSculpt may be better suited to address their needs and goals. However, with truBody, you can get the best parts of two amazing body sculpting treatments in one treatment session. In as few as four sessions, you can see significant improvement in muscle tone while enjoying noticeable cellulite and visible fat reduction. While there are several body sculpting options available at Clique Med Spa, the truBody technology is faster, more effective, cheaper, and safer than most of the alternatives. To learn more about truBody and the other body sculpting treatments offered at Clique Med Spa, contact our medical spa today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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