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How to Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


Table of Contents

  1. What Causes Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

  2. How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight Postpartum?

  3. What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

  4. Healthy Diet

  5. Exercise Regiment

  6. truBody Treatment

  7. truSculpt iD

  8. truSculpt fleX

  9. Other Considerations for Postpartum Weight Loss


For many women, the experience of pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful things. The process of carrying a child is a complex yet beautiful process. After 40 weeks (give or take) a new life that you have nurtured for the last ten months enters the world and many women begin the process of trying to shed their baby weight and return to their pre-pregnancy clothes.

What causes weight gain during pregnancy?

Gaining weight during pregnancy is important. The amount of weight a woman gains while pregnant influences both the health of her baby and her health postpartum. Information from the Centers for Disease control and prevention recommend that women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy.

For women carrying multiples, this number is obviously higher. Additionally, the amount of weight a woman should gain will vary depending on her pre-pregnancy weight levels. Meaning, if you are underweight when you become pregnant, you will likely gain more weight than a woman who is overweight pre-pregnancy.

Weight gain during pregnancy is attributed to a variety of factors. In addition to diet, common reasons for weight gain are:

  • Increased blood levels

  • Extra fat

  • The growing baby

  • Amniotic fluid

  • The placenta

  • The weight of the uterus

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight Postpartum?

Although weight gain during pregnancy is important, the excess weight is not needed after delivery. While some women may lose most of their “baby weight” during and in the months shortly after giving birth, this certainly does not occur in all cases.

For that matter, many women find it takes months or years to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. It is essential to be realistic with your weight loss goals and to remember that all bodies are different and therefore the process of returning to your pre-pregnancy jeans will look different from woman to woman.

How much weight do you lose on average after giving birth?

During childbirth most women lose between 12 and 15 pounds. This includes the weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid. Also, during the first week or two immediately after giving birth, you will continue to lose weight as your body sheds unnecessary retained fluids and the amount of blood circulating in your body returns to pre-pregnancy levels.

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to guarantee speedy weight loss after pregnancy. Because all women are made differently, what works for one, may not for another. However, there are many tips and tricks you can try for (potentially) expediting the weight loss process.

Follow a heathy diet

Avoid crash dieting as it will not help you in the long run. Your body needs a healthy diet with adequate nutrition to recover after delivering your baby. Be sure to include whole-grains and fiber while limiting sugars, processed foods and saturated fats. You may also find you benefit from smaller meals more often as opposed to three larger meals each day.

Strict exercise regiment

Once your doctor has said it's “OK,” begin a safe exercise routine. Examples may include waking, postnatal yoga, low impact aerobic activity and resistance training. Most importantly, be sure to talk to your care provider before beginning any exercise program to make sure it is safe to do so.

truBody muscle building & fat reduction

truBody treatments are safe, non-invasive procedures designed to help improve weight loss and reduce the appearance of undesirable fat, especially around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. In many cases, you may notice a reduction in fat cells of up to 24% in the treated areas! truSculpt procedures use monopolar radio-frequency waves to heat fat cells allowing them to dissolve and leave the body through natural elimination.

Although truSculpt procedures are safe and highly effective tools, they are not meant for use during pregnancy or immediately following delivery. If you are interested in truSculpt procedures you should discuss them with your doctor or a truSculpt provider to determine when it is safe for you.

truSculpt iD fat removal

TruSculpt iD Fat Removal uses monopolar radio-frequency technology to reduce fat cells in specific treatment areas. truSculpt treatments last approximately 15 minutes per session and can achieve up to 24% fat reduction in the treated area, such as the abdomen and flanks. truSculpt technology is non-invasive and clinically proven effective even in women with a BMI over 30.

The number of truSculpt sessions needed to achieve your specific appearance goals will vary. Ideally, sessions are scheduled approximately 12 weeks apart. Many people will begin to see results after just one treatment with optimal results appearing within three to six months after treatments occur. truSculpt is considered one of the safest body sculpting techniques available and proven highly effective in helping reduce the presence of stubborn fat cells that refuse to go away with “old fashioned” diet and exercise.

truSculpt flex muscle sculpting

truSculpt flex plus treatments use electrical currents to produce targeted muscle contractions and build muscle. One singular truSculpt flex session is equivalent to 54,000 repetitions of the targeted muscle group. In other words, 54,000 squats or 54,000 sit-ups!

A full course of truSculpt flex at the different treatment modes can produce similar effects to 6 months of high-intensity interval training.

Studies show truSculpt flex treatments can provide up to 33% increase in muscle mass in the targeted muscle groups. A full course of treatment takes up to 6 sessions. Depending on your specific treatment, up to eight muscle groups may be targeted in a single treatment. For many, the effects of truSculpt flex treatments are visible within a few weeks and visible improvement will continue for weeks and months after the muscle sculpting treatment ends.

Other Considerations for Postpartum Weight Loss

In addition to the diet, exercise and highly regarded truSculpt procedures, there several other things you can try postpartum to help shed extra baby weight including:

  • Breastfeeding (if possible)

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Try to get enough sleep (to the extent that you can with a newborn!)

  • Reach out to others-seek help from a mom’s group or another group based weight loss program.

  • Include your baby in exercise-not only does it allow for extra time together but may also increase your opportunities to exercise and meet other moms who are on the same journey.

Again, it is essential to be gentle with yourself.

Pregnancy and childbirth lead to significant changes in the body that take time to resolve. Losing the weight you gained as part of a healthy pregnancy requires time and patience. If you would like to learn more about how truSculpt procedures may help with those last stubborn pounds, contact us at Clique Med Spa today.

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