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What Are the Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma With Microneedling?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


Table of Contents

  1. What does platelet rich plasma do?

  2. What is platelet rich plasma used for?

  3. Anti-Acne Defense

  4. Skin Lift Properties

  5. Tone Up & Refine Texture

  6. Faster Healing

  7. Confidence & Self-Esteem Booster

  8. Improved Immunity & Health

  9. Platelet-Rich Plasma With Microneedling


Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Experts reveal that skin begins aging about 25 years into life. Though you may not notice the little changes at first, they eventually build up and stare right back at you.

Don't pout about it. That will only cause more wrinkles!

Instead, take a proactive approach! Read on to learn the benefits of platelet-rich plasma with microneedling.

What does platelet rich plasma with microneedling do?

Studies have shown that platelet-rich plasma with microneedling can have tremendous results. The process starts off with a medical practitioner taking a small amount of your blood. This blood is then placed into an FDA-Approved centrifuge system to separate the platelets.

The device spins your blood at a very high speed to separate the bloods platelets. This platelet rich plasma is then reintroduced to your skin during the Skinpen treatment.

Studies have shown that platelet rich plasma with microneedling can expedite your skins healing process through the reproduction of collagen proteins.

What is platelet rich plasma used for?

Let's talk about how PRP can benefit skin conditions such as acne scarring and skin pigmentation.

Anti-Acne Defense

Microneedling the face creates small micro-tears. This initiates an immune system response.

The blood brings your own blood cells along with the extra plasma to the affected area. The pimples, often caused by microbes, get flooded with these foreign object fighters and heal.

If you battled acne for a long time, scars may cover your face. This procedure will also help those scars heal.

Skin Lift Properties

Going under the knife may sound like an extreme solution to lifting away aging. Opt for a non-invasive platelet-rich plasma facial for similar results!

The body's natural healing process signals collagen to the needled area as well. Collagen, a structural protein, plumps up the skin.

Aging reduces the amount of collagen in the body. Older faces tend to look more drawn with looser skin.

Plumping your cheeks pulls the skin taught, getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Full cheeks naturally look younger.

Tone Up & Refine Texture

Age spots refer to darker areas on the skin caused by overactive pigment cells. Exposure to ultraviolet light from both the sun and artificial tanning beds increases the production of melanin pigments that tan skin and give eyes and hair a brown color.

If you want to once again go out without slapping on the foundation, the platelet-rich plasma method of microneedling will smooth out your skin tone. While needling breaks up hyperpigmentation, the healing process distributes pigment cells more evenly across the face.

Faster Healing

Though microneedling does good in the long term, it initially injures the skin. It may cause redness and discomfort for a few days.

A platelet-rich plasma injection introduces extra healing cells directly at the affected area. This speeds up the rate and effectiveness of your healing.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Booster

Your face presents you to the world. Noticeable aging can cause a wide range of negative emotions as it changes the way you appear.

This takes down self-esteem in many people. A lack of self-esteem can impact both your social and professional life. Undergoing this procedure will give you back your confidence, readying you to put your best face forward.

Improved Immunity & Health

This procedure focuses on your face. But, your blood constantly sends cells throughout your entire body to keep you healthy.

Most of the time you do not even notice the germs your cells fight off or the healing that takes place from minor bumps and scrapes. Addin the platelet-rich plasma injection to your procedure makes sure your body keeps enough plasma ready to take on other important tasks.

Platelet-Rich Plasma With Microneedling

Now that you know the benefits, are you excited about your next microneedling session?

Next time you're at your local medispa, opt-in to the platelet-rich plasma injection for your microneedling so that you see maximum results!

We want to help you look your best!

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