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What is a Hydrafacial Treatment?

A Hydrafacial treatment is often referred to as a wet-microdermabrasion facial.​ Through the use of a proprietary water suction technology, your skin is painlessly cleaned of all dirt and debris clogging your pores.​ Then, based on your skin concern, special boosters are administered that boost your skin's natural health.


How Long Does a Hydrafacial Take?

A hydrafacial starts with cleansing to remove the excess sebum and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This is followed by a mixture of salicylic and glycolic acids applied to the skin to dissolve dirt and oil that clogs the pores. Finally, a specialized tip is used to extract blackheads and clean out dirt, oil, and impurities while hydrating, nourishing, and plumping serums are applied to the skin. This may seem like a long process. However, a Hydrafacial takes only about 30 minutes from start to finish. When comparing hydrafacial vs. microdermabrasion, there is no recovery time associated with a hydrafacial so that you can return to your routine immediately after your appointment.

How Often Should You Get a Hydrafacial?

Skincare treatments like Hydrafacials are relaxing, enjoyable experiences most people want to repeat as often as possible, leading to the question, how often should you get a hydra facial? It is generally safe for your skin to get a Hydrafacial approximately every three to four weeks.


In most cases, this leads to the best skin-enhancing results. It is also frequent enough to ensure your procedure addresses many of the concerns people seek a Hydrafacial to manage, including acne control and anti-aging benefits. It is suggested you schedule a Hydrafacial at least every three months to prolong the anti-aging, tone, and texture benefits of the procedure.

How Much Does a Hydrafacial Cost?

The cost of a Hydrafacial can range. A basic procedure lasting about 30 minutes starts at $149. However, there are several treatment levels, and the cost of each level varies.


Each treatment level involves extra "additions" to the basic Hydrafacial procedure, which increases the benefit but also the price. At the deluxe level, a Hydrafacial includes a 30-minute signature facial and a 15-minute booster. The specific booster is based on your unique skincare needs. A deluxe Hydrafacial will cost about $249.


Finally, the platinum level includes the signature facial, booster, and LED therapy. A 60-minute deluxe facial costs about $349. Your technician can help determine which level is right for you when you contact us to learn more about one of the Top 10 Facials in Lakeland. 


HydraFacial - 
Before & After Pictures

Our facials offer amazing and long lasting results for all skin concerns.

All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received a Hydrafacial treatment.

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Treatment Options


This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin through the use of super serums.

Fill your skin with healthy antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic to give your skin a radiant glow and protection.


The Deluxe treatment includes all the essentials of the Signature while addressing specific skin concerns with boosters and protocols. 


The Platinum Hydrafacial is the most premium facial offered at Clique Med Spa.

Get all the benefits of the Deluxe with additional serums, boosters and LED Light Therapy.

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HydraFacial - 
Before & After Pictures

Our facials offer amazing and long lasting results for all skin concerns.

All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received a Hydrafacial treatment.