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We offer premium using

Celluma Pro

What is Celluma LED Therapy?

The Celluma Pro is an LED Light Therapy treatment that treats a range of skin concerns.


LED Therapy stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look.

Does Celluma LED Therapy Really Work?

Yes! The Celluma Pro is one of the best and most cost-effective LED therapy treatments available.

Research indicates that LED light therapy can be effective for wound healing and other types of skin damage.


In the past, Navy SEALs used LED light therapy to help heal wounds.

What Does Celluma LED Therapy Cost?

Celluma Pro LED Therapy starts at $50 per session.

Facial Blogs

LED Light Therapy - 
Before & After Pictures

See the amazing effects that LED Light Therapy can have on your skin!

All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received LED Light Therapy
treatment from Celluma's Device.

LED Light Therapy
Treatment Video

More than a handheld, more than an LED face mask: Celluma's innovative flexible panel design optimizes LED light therapy for skin benefits. The ease and convenience of this LED device and the cost effectiveness of employing this technology makes Celluma one of the skin care tools you need. Designed with the aesthetician, wellness practitioner, and medical aesthetic professional in mind, Celluma is a portable, affordable and FDA-cleared to treat Acne, Wrinkles (Aging), Pain. Whether you are looking for the best anti aging skin care products 2020, the best blue light therapy for acne, facial tools that actually work, or you suffer from pain and want to experience near infrared light therapy benefits, Celluma is for you.

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