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How Often Should You Get Botox?

A common question that accompanies your first visit for Botox injections is, “how often should I get maintenance treatments?” Understanding how Botox works and how your body reacts to Botox treatments can also help answer this question.


A little Botox 101 may help you learn more about the procedure, its benefits, and how you can schedule your appointment. In short, Botox generally produces rapid and pleasing results within hours to days after treatment. However, to maintain your desired results, follow-up treatments are required.


Most Botox results last between 12 and 16 weeks (3-4 months); therefore, you should schedule follow-up appointments at least every four months.


Where to Get Botox Near Me?

If you are interested in learning more about Botox, Clique Med Spa offers Botox injections at a location near you. Botox in Lakeland is easy to schedule.


Our team is here to answer your questions and help you decide if Botox injections are right for you. Contact us today to learn more about Botox deals in Lakeland, FL, and how Botox injections can help get rid of stubborn lines and wrinkles.


Remember to ask about Botox injection deals for repeat sessions at a location near you.

How Much is 20 Units of Botox?

Another common Botox question is, "how much Botox do I need?" As with many procedures like Botox, each person is different. While one person may have very weak muscles in a specific treatment area, another may have very strong muscles.


For example, the muscles that create frown lines on your forehead may contract minimally when you frown. In your case, 15-20 units of Botox may be sufficient. Another patient may have powerful muscles in the same location, requiring a higher dose to reduce the appearance of their frown lines.


Men generally have stronger muscles than women in this area and require even higher doses to achieve their goals.


The cost of Botox treatments is based on the number of units needed. Twenty units cost around $240. There are many times where a patient selects a lower quantity than recommended due to price. Clique discounts the price of units if more units are recommended  starting at 40 units and then 64 units.


Our Injectable

Botox - 
Before & After Pictures

Our Botox injectable treatments offer amazing and long lasting results. Botox relaxes your wrinkles and can treat your forehead, frown lines, and crows feet.

All treatments above are before and after pictures from customers who received injectables.

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